First session of classes starts soon!  To register please contact Ginsey at

Class dates are June 10th, 17th, 24th and July 8th.

11:00 – 12:15  Jumpers Class
1:00 – 2:15  Swimmers Class
Class is 4 weeks and cost is $110.  Class size is limited!

Swimmers Class –
This is a beginners class for people interested in the sport of dock diving. We will focus on teaching the dogs to swim and gain confidence in the water. The class will teach the dog to become comfortable in water (with or without a life jacket) and will progress to the dog being able to enter and exit the pool using the ramp.
If your dog has only entered from a slope like at the lake or beach then this is the class you’ll start in.
If your dog will jump from the edge of a pool or dock into deep water (deep enough that they won’t be able to touch bottom) then this is not the class for you – we’d like you to join the Jumpers class!
Jumpers Class –
This class is for dogs that are comfortable jumping into deep water (deep enough that they won’t be able to touch bottom). If your dog jumps into a swimming pool, this is the correct class for you.
The class will start by measuring the jumping distance of each dog for a benchmark. Each class we will focus on the skills and techniques needed to get the most distance from your jumps. By measuring the jumps each week in class we can fine tune each dog and handler’s skills for the best performance in competition.
Air Retrieve Class –
This class focuses on Air Retrieve for both beginners and experienced AR dogs. The bumper is suspended over the pool and the dog must grab or dislodge the bumper at increasing horizontal distance (not height but distance from the dock). We will focus on the individual dogs so beginners will start very short and more experienced dogs can work towards longer grabs.
Dogs must already be comfortable jumping from the dock.

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